Deposit, Earn Points & Redeem Your Prizes!
Earn Rewards Points with CasinoJR and utilise the points to redeem your favourite prize.
With every MYR10 you deposited, you will earn 1 point. The more you deposit, the better your rewards are!

What Can Redeem:

Free Credit
120 points
RM 5 Free Credit
MYR 10
238 points
RM 10 Free Credit
MYR 20
388 points
RM 20 Free Credit
MYR 50
688-888 points
RM 50 Free Credit
RM50 Free, No Turnover 888 Points
RM50 Free, 2x Turnover 800 Points
RM50 Free, 5x Turnover 688 Points
MYR 100
1368-1588 points
RM 100 Free Credit
RM100 Free, 2x Turnover 1588 Points
RM100 Free, 5x Turnover 1368 Points
MYR 300
4088-4688 points
RM 300 Free Credit
RM300 Free, 2x Turnover 4688 Points
RM300 Free, 5x Turnover 4088 Points
MYR 500
6888-7888 points
RM 500 Free Credit
RM50 Free, 2x Turnover 7888 Points
RM500 Free, 5x Turnover 6888 Points
MYR 10
200 points
RM 10 Aeon Voucher

Gaming Rules:

  • This promotion is open to all CasinoJR active members.
  • Members can start to redeem the prizes once they have earned the rewards points.
  • Please contact our Customer Service Representative through live chat/ Whatsapp on how to redeem items.
  • For voucher redemption, it will take approximately 3 weeks from redemption date to ship out the rewards items. Please provide a valid delivery address to our customer service for shipping purpose. Shipping fees are included upon delivery.
  • The voucher can be claimed unlimited, while the free credit can only claim once when the balance is lower than MYR 5.
  • This promotion can be used in conjunction with any other CasinoJR promotion.
  • CasinoJR reserves the right to amend the promotional terms, or modify or cancel this promotion at any time, either for all members or an individual members.
  • Terms of Service apply to all promotions.